hydratation beauté



Moisturizing your skin is essential, but even more so in the summer. With heat, sun, salt, chlorine, and sudden temperature variations (air conditioning), the skin’s hydrolipidic barrier is strained. It is then important to respect his needs and to hydrate him daily in order to help him protect himself against external aggressions.

Our detox – antioxidant care is ideal to maintain optimal skin

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The double make-up removal ritual for beautiful skin

Double cleansing is the essential ritual of pretty skins.

Every day your skin accumulates impurities. Pollution, makeup, sebum, perspiration,… To regenerate your skin naturally, evening cleaning is a must. The double cleansing offers the skin two steps to support its balance, keeping a soft and clean skin.

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Cure détox

Detox time, baby!

20 days to get a makeover with a detox adapted.

Are you tired? Is your complexion dull? The containment has led you and you feel a little cramped in your pants?

Have you ever done your spring detox? No, not yet?

It’s time to detox baby!

Yes, but how?

We’re banking on a varied diet. We stop snacking during the day and coffee in the morning (you can keep the little Expresso post already). We try to stop eating gluten, milk or sugar for 20 days. I assure you, it’s not that difficult!

Here are a few tips:

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Yoga visage



While traditional yoga has many followers, facial yoga has also become a reference point in the field of natural beauty and skin care.

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Dry brushing

Dry brushing for the face, unsuspected benefits!

Dry brushing for the face, a simple ritual for unsuspected benefits!

Do you know how to dry brush your face?

Excellent for the body, dry brushing is also very effective on the delicate skin of the face. It is very suitable for all skins and fits perfectly into YDROSIA’s beauty routine.

It offers many benefits to the skin:

  • detoxifies our cells and results in a luminous complexion, softer, toned skin.
  • increases blood circulation and stimulates collagen production.
  • exfoliates the skin, eliminates dead cells and makes care more effective.

Brushing is done with a brush with natural hairs, in wild boar or goat silk.

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Antioxydant naturel

Skin fasting for a fresh and luminous complexion.

Why don’t we talk about Skin Fasting,the fasting of the skin?
At YDROSIA, it is an integral part of our natural beauty routine!
That’s why we created Detox – Antioxidant Care.

What is skin fasting?
Skin fasting is about reducing your beauty routine to the bare minimum. No more layering on the epidermis ! We’re releasing everything! The skin, the routine and we find a luminous complexion, a fresh and healthy skin.

How do I do that?
In the evening, a thorough cleaning is carried out with a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser.

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Le froid un allié pour la peau

Cold, for healthy skin.

The cold is good for your skin. It stimulates the micro-circulation of the epidermis as well as the activity of our cells and organs. It also acts on pain and tension. As a result, after a walk in the open air, the complexion is brighter, the skin firmer, the pockets, dark circles and fine lines attenuated.

So we’re enjoying the cold that’s here! We go out, we move, we confront the winter by taking walks in nature.

However, it is important before going out when temperatures are low and sting the skin to protect it with a rich cream because the cold alters the hydrolipidic barrier.

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