Yoga visage

While traditional yoga has many followers, facial yoga has also become a reference point in the field of natural beauty and skin care.

Like classical yoga, facial yoga uses certain techniques that involve adopting certain postures and coordinating breathing.
What makes this yoga attractive? Its natural character, its low cost, and the fact that it can be practiced anywhere. It also offers impressive results: a real anti-wrinkle and firming action on the tissues and oval of the face.


Facial yoga is a facial gymnastics that works the facial muscles (43 muscles exactly!), thus combating sagging skin, firming and toning the skin. The various exercises by toning and strengthening the different muscles of the face, stimulates the blood micro circulation and thus increases the natural production of collagen, elastin and finally, hyaluronic acid. But beware: It should be practiced regularly (10-15 minutes/day) and correctly so as not to intensify existing contractures. As with traditional Yoga, Facial Yoga must be practiced in a precise manner.


Practiced regularly, the results are quick. In 10 days, the skin, better oxygenated, looks younger. Wrinkles are attenuated, the oval of the face firmed, the skin toned, the complexion luminous. Bye, bye the double chin, the pockets under the eyes and the dull complexion! It can be said that facial yoga operates a true natural beauty that even, in some cases, avoids invasive surgery.


The exercises also aim to release all tensions and emotions. Poses can be practiced throughout the day: in the car, in the office, in the morning, in the evening. For this, it is better to be alone and in a quiet environment. The practice and grimaces that go hand in hand can generate mocking laughter in your surroundings (you will have been warned!).

Here are our favorite poses:

  • The hilarious fish is a pose where you open your eyes wide and draw your cheeks inwards without squinting your forehead. This acts as a mini facelift around the eyes and on the forehead.
  • The eyes of the dancer of the temple in which we make the eyes go from right to left and then we return. This reduces the intensity of crow’s feet and fights against sagging skin.
  • The Satchmo is a movement that makes the curves of the cheeks work by moving the area from one to the other.
  • The smiling bulldog, on the other hand, fights effectively against the unsightly double chin. We bring the lower lip back to the nose several times.
  • The dragon’s posture makes us round our mouths half moons down and exert a neck tension that we keep for several seconds.
  • The Marylin consists of placing her lips in a circle as if to send kisses. Exercise can also be strengthened by pressing the lips with your fists.

You want to go further in practice, we advise you to consult the website of Sylvie Lefranc and her YouTube channel she wrote the book “Yoga of the Face”, or to participate in the online training of Fumiko Takatsu (tested and approved by the team). In our view, they are the two greatest experts of the moment.


Le brossage à sec pour le visage, des bienfaits insoupçonnés !