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Detox-antioxidant treatment

  • What is detox-antioxidant treatment?

    Complete, the Detox-Antioxidant treatment allows in a SINGLE STEP and with a SINGLE TREATMENT, to tone, maintain hydration, accelerate cell renewal and protect the skin from free radicals.

    Its liquid formula without oil allows the skin, to breathe, to regain its natural reflexes and its balance so fragile.

    The detox-antioxidant treatment is packed with active ingredients from natural origin that are essential for the health of your skin such as:

    • Moisturizing ingredients that hold water on the surface of the skin.
    • Antioxidant ingredients that protect and repair it from external attack.
    • Soothing active ingredients that allow the skin to regain its balance.
    • Regenerating active ingredients that improve the skin’s natural cell renewal.

    It can be used in detox, the time of a bottle, several times a year, or even all year round as a complete treatment.

    The formula, tested by our laboratory for its safety on the most sensitive skins and for its stability, is certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife with the Cosmos Organic Label.

    It contains no animal substances.

    In accordance with European Commission regulations, our formulas have not been tested on animals and our ingredients do not come from countries that allow these tests.

    12 precious ingredients to boost your natural beauty

  • How to use the treatment?

    For optimal efficiency and quick and visible results, the detox-antioxidant treatment is used alone, instead of your creams, lotions, serums and usual treatments.

    All it takes is one step to tone, moisturize and protect the skin.

    It can be used as a detox cure for the time of a bottle, several times a year or all year round as a complete treatment.

    You can use it as much as you like and in all circumstances where the skin needs to stay hydrated (on a plane, post workout and exercices, in the office, on the road…). It’s also a great after-sun.

    Shake the bottle well to mix all the ingredients. Spray 3 -4 care pressures by positioning your hand about 30 cm from your face and massage lightly.

    To preserve the formula place your bottle away from the light.

    In summer, for a feeling of intense freshness, keep the bottle in the refrigerator. It’s magical!

  • I have dry skin is the detox-antioxidant treatment sufficient?

    Yes. The detox-antioxidant treatment is formulated to meet the most demanding skin.

    It maintains long-term hydration on the skin and allows even the driest skin to regain optimal level of moisture.

    Its antioxidant active ingredients help the skin to strengthen its protective barrier and to react better during the changes that mark its daily life (change in temperature, hormonal, seasons,…).

    If, however, your skin feels the need for treatment packed with oil, we advise you to apply a serum based on natural oils (Argan, Borrage, Rosehip,…), at bedtime after application of the detox treatment.

  • How long does a bottle last?

    The bottle of detox-antioxidant treatment has been designed to bring you 6 weeks of cure,which corresponds to a natural cycle of skin regeneration.

    Its compact size thus avoids the waste of the never-completed treatments that haunt our drawers; -)

    If you can’t do without it, you can switch to subscription with our “Subscription”option.

  • I have mixed/grasse/problem skin, is the detox-antioxidant treatment for me?

    Yes, thanks to its formula full of active ingredients from natural origin, the detox- antioxidant treatment soothes and repairs reactive skin.

    The Aloe vera, a powerful skin repairer, helps to reduce redness and itching.

    Willow extract which contains Salicylic acid is a powerful anti-inflammatory. It soothes and sanitises problem skins, especially those with Rosacea.

    Its antioxidant active ingredients (Goji berries, Centella asiatica, grape seeds, Bourrache) help the skin to strengthen its barrier and react better during the changes that mark its daily life (temperature change, hormonal, seasons,…).

    Detox Antioxidant Treatment is your best ally to regain a balanced skin, a more even and brighter complexion. Skin that’s free and breathes.

  • I usually put on cream. Can I really use detox care alone?

    Yes. We offer 5 days to transform your beauty routine and your skin.

    You find that difficult? Try it!

    In five days, your skin is better hydrated and softer, your complexion becomes more luminous and your redness is soothed.

    Detox-antioxidant care is an innovative treatment that allows your skin to breathe and get rid of all the layers that suffocate it.

    Boost your beauty routine and wake up the natural beauty of your skin!


    That’s our promise. Our vision of innovative skincare.

    Share your thoughts with us.

  • How long will it take me to see the results?

    Used alone, Detox – antioxidant treatment works in just a few days.

    After 2 days the redness is reduced, the skin is better hydrated.

    After 5 days, without the addition of oil, the skin will detoxify and rebalance itself. It then becomes softer.

    The complexion is more luminous.

    Make-up holds up better.

    After 6 days you can no longer do without it…

    Want to try ?

  • I’m having a hard time spraying the treatment on my face, how do I do it?

    For a fine and pleasant vaporization extend the arm by positioning the bottle 30-40 cm from your face.

    The further away the bottle, the thinner the mist will be.

    Close your eyes. Spray 3 or 4 pressures with a rotating motion around your face.

    You can also spray the treatment in your hand or on a make-up remover square if you prefer.

  • What would you advise me to keep my skin healthy?

    To keep your skin healthy, we recommend:

    1 – cleanse and moisturize it daily with gentle care.

    2 – make a scrub made from natural ingredients once or twice a week.

    3 – use high, non-polluting sunscreen before sun exposure.

    4 – drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in fiber and water.

    5 – to sleep at least 7 hours a night. It is during the sleep phase that the skin regenerates and repairs itself.

    6 – To laugh a lot, to remain curious and to surround yourself often with those you love.

  • Is detox – antioxidant treatment suitable for men?

    Yes of course! The treatment is suitable for both women and men.

    For men, it is particularly effective on their skin sensitized by shaving.

    It moisturizes without greasy effect and is thus perfect for the maintenance of the beard.


  • Can I apply the Detox-antioxidant treatment before applying to the sun?

    The Detox- Antioxidant treatment does not contains any sun filter.

    It is therefore imperative, as with all non-index skincare product, to apply sunscreen before any exposure.

    The Detox-Antioxidant treatment is an excellent after-sun. It intensely soothes the skin intensely, allows it to recharge its water loss during exposure, and repairs its cells damaged by the harms of the sun’s rays.

  • I am pregnant / breast-feeding, can I use the detox-antioxidant treatment?

    The antitox-antitox care does not contain any toxic extracts.

    If however you are allergic to Limonene, naturally contained in green Mandarin essential oil and present in very small amounts in the Detox-Antioxidant treatment, it is best to seek the advice of your doctor.

  • I sprayed the detox-antioxidant treatment in my eyes, what to do?

    The antioxidant detox care contains no irritating or aggressive components for your skin and mucous membranes.

    Just rinse your eye with a little water.


  • Where can I find your products?

    Our products are available on our e-shop, as well as at the following retailers:

    List of YDROSIA dealers

  • Is the YDROSIA brand committed to sustainable development?

    Yes of course! This is the essence of the creation of YDROSIA.

    Is it still possible to develop care that is not suitable for daily use?

    Is it coherent to propose all plastic by advocating organic?

    Is hyper consumption of cosmetics reasonable for our health and the planet?

    It is by answering these questions and noticing the proposal of the cosmetics market that Emmanuelle Le Gall to decide to create YDROSIA.

    YDROSIA is committed to respecting your skin and the environment and to providing you with effective and healthy treatments.

    It is our responsibility to provide you with the safest and cleanest product possible.

    That’s why:

    • Our treatments are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife and have been awarded the Cosmos Organic label.
    • Our ingredients are of natural origin.
    • The preservatives we use are used in their lowest amount to be effective.
    • Our formulas are made cold to preserve the qualities of the assets and reduce our energy consumption.
    • Our bottles are made of glass, because the glass recycles indefinitely.
    • Our bottles are small in size because it avoids the mess of cosmetics never finished.
    • Our bottles are light and more economical to carry.
    • Our bottles are rechargeable (see our Recharge)
    • Our cases and labels are made of FSC-certified paper.
    • We are committed to donating 1 of our profits to an association that works to protect our environment.

    Our commitments

  • Where is YDROSIA’s trearment made?

    Our treatments are developed and manufactured in Belgium.

    Our Belgian company is based in Brussels.


  • What if I lost/broken my spray?

    In case of a lost or damaged spray we invite you to contact Anna at hello@ydrosia.com to find a solution.

  • Are refills available off-subscription?

    Yes you can order refills off-subscription on our e-shop: Recharging

  • How does your “Subscription” option work?

    Every month you receive a refill at home. It’s non-binding, you can cancel or suspend your subscription whenever you want directly via your customer account accessible on ydrosia.com.

    Payment is automatic and is made with the payment method you registered at the time of your order. You can change your contact information and payment method in your customer account at any time.

    The payment takes place each month on the date of your first order.

    For example: you placed an order for the subscription on the 12th of April. The payment is then made every 12 months (May, June,…). The top-up is sent automatically when the payment is recorded.

    Remember to keep the spray to use on your refill.


Delivery & returns

  • Returns

    Would you like to return a product to us?
    You have 14 days after receiving your order to return it to us.

    Damaged cases and used vials will not be subject to any return or refund.
    Returns of orders shipped to Belgium and outside Belgium are the responsibility of the Customer.

    We invite you to contact Anna by email at hello@ydrosia.com, who will tell you what to do.

    For more information on returns we invite you to read our General Terms of Sale.

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    When your order is sent, you will receive it on average within 5 working days for Belgium and 10 working days for abroad.

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