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The willingness to offer clean and effective care and to do better.
The desire to engage and propose a responsible brand.
The vision of simple and respectful luxury.

Ydrosia, a story of skin, formula, and patience

Emmanuelle Le Gall – The Founder

It is by searching that we find…

I’ve been looking for a long time for a treatment to care for my hyper-reactive skin, which is prone to redness and blemishes. Thus, from treatments in various manipulations to hide my imperfections, I became an expert in formulation. I then imagined the ideal treatment.

The ideal treatment.

An effective treatment that meets the skin’s essential need: hydration. A treatment to recover a luminous complexion and healthy skin. A treatment concentratedin plant extracts and active ingredients. A care that is easy to use, clean, respectful, and above all a care that rebalances, soothes and protects my skin that has been weakened by numerous treatments.

Flowers, plants and precious ingredients.

I then concocted my first plant extracts and tested them on those around me. I tried to get back to the essentials and kept the heart of the formula.

It took 3 years to develop the Detox – Antioxidant Care before I turned to a laboratory to produce it.

I am the first user of the Detox – Antioxidant Care and I imagined it to be precious, colourful, easy to use and easy to carry.

The Meltem to inspire me.

La marque YDROSIA est né en Grèce, sur l’ile de Milos. I drosia signifie la rosée. The dew that soothes and quenches your thirst. The dew that awakens nature and prepares it to receive light and life.

Ydrosia is a return to my roots, a history reborn, and a unique opportunity to offer what I have inherited: the knowledge of the virtues and benefits of plants.

The dream to guide me.

Every day I fulfil a dream by offering clean care, a simple and ambitious routine that advocates a return to basics. I do it without any dictates except that of respecting your skin, your health and nature.

YDROSIA is my vision of beauty is natural. Authentic, responsible and assumed beauty. It is the case of the ideal care I have created. A treatment for all skin types.

Detox-antioxidant treatment: birth of a cult treatment

For this complete treatment, I have selected the best plant extracts and the most powerful active ingredients that nature has to offer.

12 active ingredients, a formula that I wanted to keep simple in order to offer you a concentrated and effective treatment.

A liquid, oil-free, non-greasy care product that is applied like a mist and, in ONE STEP, moisturises the skin, providing it with essential elements to protect it from environmental oxidation.

A formula as light as a mist and concentrated as a serum.

This first treatment advocates a return to the essential, to Less is more. Thus, it is the opposite of Layering (daily superimposition of treatments).

It is certified COSMOS Organic by Ecocert Greenlife in accordance with the COSMOS standard, available: http://COSMOS.ecocert.com

YDROSIA releases the beauty routine.

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A new way of thinking about skincare.