voyager léger

THE CHALLENGE? 3 facial treatments to slip into your suitcase to travel light.

The holidays are fast approaching and you are not ready…

Here are our tips for a light holiday and sublime golden skin.

Before leaving:

We gum, we brush dry, we make new skin and we stimulate our cells. This is an important step to get a nice even tan.

To sunbathe safely and avoid allergies, opt for a food supplement based on natural carotenoids.

This boosts melanin and stimulates tanning precursor cells.

In the diet it is beta-carotene that stimulates melanin, and that’s good… it is found in quantity in carrots of course, but also, tomatoes, apricots, sweet potato, melon, peach,…

Our favorite treatments

Scrub: MakeSenz scrub powder. Very practical, it is added to the gel or cleansing milk, or to your favorite oil. It is easy to carry when you travel.

Dry brushing: The YDROSIA face brush. Essential to tone the face all year round. Gently brush the face dry before the shower and then apply a moisturizer.

The complement of the summer: Summer Glow of the French brand AIME

We haven’t left yet, but we’re already on vacation…

I’m going to the sea, what should I do?


This is the most important gesture of the day with the application of sunscreen. In the evening when you come back from the beach you rinse, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and clean your face and body with a good Aleppo soap.

Salt, like chlorine, dries out the skin and dehydrates it. By removing all the residue from your day, your released epidermis will offer you a brighter tan.

Our favorite soap:

Aleppo soap from the Belgian brand Alinessence : It is used for the face and body. Ultra soft and nourishing this versatile soap is magical for sensitive skin.

How do I choose sunscreen?

Natural and that respects the oceans. We chose the cream of the Belgian brand ODYSKIN. Any match! The aluminum packaging, the small production, the mineral screen, and the natural and certified organic formula. We take an index 30 for the body and an index 50 for the face.

What if I go to the mountains?

This summer, it is decided for you it will be hiking, fresh air, nature. Summer will be sporty: you will travel to the mountains!

Protect, protect, protect! Cap, sunglasses and sunscreen index 50+. In the mountains the sun quickly becomes nasty. Often in motion, the altitude is deceptive and the nasty rays often quickly leave nasty sunburns.

In short, sport in the sun yes, thoroughly, but protected, from head to toe!

Wherever I go, I have to moisturize my epidermis right?

Yes of course! Unless you want to come home with crocodile skin and a tan that will leave as fast as it came.

Moisturize your stressed epidermis with a treatment without essential oil, perfume or alcohol that leave ugly brown spots on the skin.

Our Essence detox vitality is the ideal holiday care. It is also to travel lighter that we formulated it.

Its small hyper practical format and its use without getting your hands dirty make it a treatment that can be used in all conditions.

After sun exposure and thanks to a unique combination of natural active ingredients (Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid, flower hydrosols, plant extracts) the vitality detox treatment recharges the skin with hydration, activates circulation and renews cells damaged by the sun’s rays.

The essential care:

The vitality detox essence : Oh my god! But what care! 😉

Only 3 treatments for all holidays?!

And yes, it doesn’t take much to be beautiful!

Sunscreen, good soap, and a mist of beauty, and you’re ready for a light and delicious holiday.

Oh lala… It’s over… I am back!

Enjoy your beautiful golden skin. The color suits you super well. Drink plenty of water and remember to continue moisturizing your skin every day.

When your tan is a little dull, after 3 weeks, gum, brush to restart the renewal of your cells and find a resplendent look.