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What is detox treatment?

A complete moisturizer, the Detox treatmentallows in a single gesture , toning, maintaining hydration, accelerating cell renewal and protecting the skin from free radicals.

Its unique liquid formula, without fatty substances, allows the skin to breathe, to regain its natural reflexes and its fragile balance.

The detox treatment is packed with active ingredients of natural origin essential for the health of your skin such as:

  • Moisturizing ingredients that hold water on the surface of the skin.
  • Antioxidant ingredients that protect and repair it from external attack.
  • Soothing active ingredients that allow the skin to regain its balance.
  • Regenerating active ingredients that improve the skin’s natural cell renewal.

It can be used in detox, the time of a bottle, several times a year, or even all year round as a complete treatment. It is versatile and multi-purpose.

The formula, tested by our laboratory for its safety on the most sensitive skins and for its stability, is certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife with the Cosmos Organic Label.

Our mist is free of perfume and alcohol. It does not contain any animal substances and according to European Commission regulations, our formula is not tested on animals and our ingredients do not come from countries that allow these tests.

Precious ingredients to boost your natural beauty!

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How to use the treatment?

  • In detox cure

For a beneficial detox cure, during its first uses and several times a year, the treatment is used alone for 4-5 days. Thus, when used as a cure, it replaces your creams, lotions, serums and usual care.

It may be that for 24 to 48 hours you feel your skin tight. This is a normal reaction until the skin regains its natural balance. Do not hesitate to renew the application of the detox treatment several times a day.

After 48 hours your complexion is brighter after 3 days your skin is better hydrated, after 5 days your epidermis is rebalanced.

  • Throughout the year.

The detox treatment is a versatile treatment that adapts to your needs. It is the multi-purpose treatment par excellence!

Thus, it only takes one gesture to tone, moisturize, soothe, regenerate and protect the skin.

Thanks to the rice powder present in the formula, the detox treatment also serves as a base and makeup fixative. It only takes a few pschitts before or after makeup to obtain a satin veil that catches the light and immediately illuminates the complexion.

You can use it as much as you like and in all circumstances where the skin needs to stay hydrated (on a plane, post workout and exercices, in the office, on the road…).

Thanks to its formula rich in antioxidant and Aloe Vera, it is also an excellent after-sun.

Shake the bottle well to mix all the ingredients. Spray 3 -4 care pressures by positioning your hand about 30 cm from your face and massage lightly.

To preserve the formula place your bottle away from the light.

In summer, for a feeling of intense freshness, keep the bottle in the refrigerator. It’s magical!

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I have dry skin is the detox-antioxidant treatment sufficient?

Yes. The detox-antioxidant treatment is formulated to meet the most demanding skin.

It maintains long-term hydration on the skin and allows even the driest skin to regain optimal level of moisture.

Its antioxidant active ingredients help the skin to strengthen its protective barrier and to react better during the changes that mark its daily life (change in temperature, hormonal, seasons,…).

If, however, your skin feels the need for treatment packed with oil, we advise you to apply a serum based on natural oils (Argan, Borrage, Rosehip,…), at bedtime after application of the detox treatment.

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I have combination/oily/reactive skin. Is the detox treatment for me?

Yes, without a doubt! Thanks to its formula full of active ingredients of natural origin, the detox treatment soothes and repairs combination, oily and reactive skin.

Packed with Aloe Vera, powerful skin repairer, helps reduce redness and itching. Aloe Vera is also an excellent humectant that recharges the skin with moisture. Indeed, oily and combination skin attacked by dermatological treatments are often lacking in hydration.

The willow extract present in the formula, naturally contains Salicylic acid. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory that exerts a micro exfoliation of the skin. Thus, it soothes and cleanses combination / oily and problem skin, especially those with Rosacea. Its effectiveness on reactive skin is such that in a few days the skin is clearer, the sebum better regulated and the complexion more luminous.

The unique complex of antioxidant plant active ingredients (Goji berries, Centella asiatica, grape seeds, Borage) used in the treatment helps the skin to strengthen the epidermis hydrolipidic barrier. These active ingredients help the skin to better adapt to the changes that punctuate its daily life (temperature change, hormonal, seasons,…).

The rice powder visible at the bottom of the bottle leaves a matte and silky finish that protects the skin from external aggressions.

The Detox Care is your best ally to find a balanced skin, a more even and luminous complexion. Skin that is liberated and breathes.

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I usually put on cream. Can I really use detox care alone?

Yes. We offer 5 days to transform your beauty routine and your skin.

You find that difficult? Try it!

In five days, your skin is better hydrated and softer, your complexion becomes more luminous and your redness is soothed.

The detox care is an innovative treatment, which allows your skin to breathe and get rid of all the layers that asphyxiate it.

Boost your beauty routine and wake up the natural beauty of your skin!


That’s our promise. Our vision of innovative skincare.

Share your thoughts with us.

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How long will it take me to see the results?

Used alone, Detox – antioxidant treatment works in just a few days.

After 2 days the redness is reduced, the skin is better hydrated.

After 5 days, without the addition of oil, the skin will detoxify and rebalance itself. It then becomes softer.

The complexion is more luminous.

Make-up holds up better.

After 6 days you can no longer do without it…

Want to try ?

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What would you advise me to keep my skin healthy?

To keep your skin healthy, we recommend:

1 – cleanse and moisturize it daily with gentle care.

2 – make a scrub made from natural ingredients once or twice a week.

3 – use high, non-polluting sunscreen before sun exposure.

4 – drink plenty of water and consume foods rich in fiber and water.

5 – to sleep at least 7 hours a night. It is during the sleep phase that the skin regenerates and repairs itself.

6 – To laugh a lot, to remain curious and to surround yourself often with those you love.

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Can I apply the detox treatment before applying to the sun?

The Detox Care does not contain any sunscreens. It is therefore imperative, as with all non-index skincare product, to apply sunscreen before any exposure.

It can be used safely since it contains no essential oils, is free of alcohol and fragrance.

The detox treatment is an excellent after sun. It intensely soothes the skin intensely, allows it to recharge its water loss during exposure, and repairs its cells damaged by the harms of the sun’s rays.

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I am pregnant / breastfeeding, can I use the detox treatment?

The Detox – Vitality Care does not contain any allergens. It is clean with a formula of more than 99.9% natural ingredients and 77% organic ingredients. It is rated 100/100 on the YUKA application.

Thus, the vitality detox treatment does not contain any essential oil, and is free of alcohol and perfume.

We have formulated it especially for sensitive and reactive skin.