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Ydrosia, a story of skin, formula, and patience

Its creator, Emmanuelle Le Gall, has long sought a treatment adapted to her hyper-reactive skin. A treatment that is at once efficient, natural, environmentally friendly, and that can accompany him easily during his many trips. Not finding the ideal care in the cosmetics market, she decided to create her own care based on her knowledge of the plants inherited from her family, and on her dermatological experience. She then selects the best active ingredients and develops her first plant extracts. After 2 years of research and testing on her surroundings and herself, Emmanuelle is developing a liquid and unique formula that finally meets all her requirements. The feedback on the effectiveness of the treatment being very positive, she created her brand YDROSIA which comes from the term i drosia and means mist in Greek, and launches the manufacture of its formula in collaboration with a laboratory located in Belgium.

This is how the YDROSIA brand and the Antioxidant Detox Care, a liquid formula, very moisturizing, protective, anti-ageing and non-greasy that is used as a unique takeaway everywhere.

With YDROSIA, Emmanuelle wants to offer a range of innovative treatments containing the best organic ingredients of natural origin. Care is pure, effective and easy to use.

This first treatment, advocates a return to the essentials, less is more, and is the opposite of the Layering (daily overlay of care) proposed today by the major brands of cosmetics.

YDROSIA invents a new beauty routine by combining a simple gesture with a sensory experience rich in benefits.