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Skin fasting for a fresh and luminous complexion.

Antioxydant naturel

Why don’t we talk about Skin Fasting,the fasting of the skin?
At YDROSIA, it is an integral part of our natural beauty routine!
That’s why we created Detox – Antioxidant Care.

What is skin fasting?
Skin fasting is about reducing your beauty routine to the bare minimum. No more layering on the epidermis ! We’re releasing everything! The skin, the routine and we find a luminous complexion, a fresh and healthy skin.

How do I do that?
In the evening, a thorough cleaning is carried out with a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser. Continue reading Skin fasting for a fresh and luminous complexion.

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Cold, for healthy skin.

Le froid un allié pour la peau

The cold is good for your skin. It stimulates the micro-circulation of the epidermis as well as the activity of our cells and organs. It also acts on pain and tension. As a result, after a walk in the open air, the complexion is brighter, the skin firmer, the pockets, dark circles and fine lines attenuated.

So we’re enjoying the cold that’s here! We go out, we move, we confront the winter by taking walks in nature.

However, it is important before going out when temperatures are low and sting the skin to protect it with a rich cream because the cold alters the hydrolipidic barrier.

Continue reading Cold, for healthy skin.

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Gaelle V

Since I use detox care – antioxidant my skin is soothed, better hydrated and my complexion is brighter. I can no longer do without this treatment that allows me to treat my skin quickly and efficiently. No more cream! And in addition the smell is very pleasant.

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What is detox care?

Complete, detox care allows in A SINGLE GESTURE, to tone, maintain hydration, accelerate cell renewal and protect the skin from free radicals.

Their liquid formula without fat allows the skin, to breathe, to regain its natural reflexes and its balance so fragile.

Detox treatments are concentrated in active ingredients of natural origin essential for the health of your skin such as:

  • Moisturizing ingredients that hold water on the surface of the skin.
  • Antioxidant ingredients that protect and repair it from external attack.
  • Soothing active ingredients that allow the skin to regain its balance.
  • Regenerating active ingredients that improve the skin’s natural cell renewal.

They can be used as a detox cure, for a bottle, several times a year, or all year round as a complete treatment.

The formulas, tested by our laboratory for its safety on the most sensitive skin and for its stability, are certified organic by Ecocert Greenlife with the Cosmos Organic Label.

They do not contain any animal substances.

In accordance with European Commission regulations, our formulas have not been tested on animals and our ingredients do not come from countries that allow these tests.

Precious ingredients to boost your natural beauty!

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I have dry skin is the detox-antioxidant treatment sufficient?

Yes. The detox-antioxidant treatment is formulated to meet the most demanding skin.

It maintains long-term hydration on the skin and allows even the driest skin to regain optimal level of moisture.

Its antioxidant active ingredients help the skin to strengthen its protective barrier and to react better during the changes that mark its daily life (change in temperature, hormonal, seasons,…).

If, however, your skin feels the need for treatment packed with oil, we advise you to apply a serum based on natural oils (Argan, Borrage, Rosehip,…), at bedtime after application of the detox treatment.

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How does your “Subscription” option work?

Every month you receive a refill at home. It’s non-binding, you can cancel or suspend your subscription whenever you want directly via your customer account accessible on

Payment is automatic and is made with the payment method you registered at the time of your order. You can change your contact information and payment method in your customer account at any time.

The payment takes place each month on the date of your first order.

For example: you placed an order for the subscription on the 12th of April. The payment is then made every 12 months (May, June,…). The top-up is sent automatically when the payment is recorded.

Remember to keep the spray to use on your refill.


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How do I track my order?

When you send your package, you will receive an email with a tracking number to use to track delivery. If you have chosen the “Subscription” option, you will receive an email 3 days before your order is shipped (This is to allow you to change your delivery address or suspend the option). You can also follow your order from the “My Account” space. Or click the button below:

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